Auto Dealer Locate

Tina McDowell, Harry Schneider, and Mary Johnston have been working on this project at night and on weekends for months. The website debuted in 2018, and they couldn’t be prouder! By working with local dealerships and talking to car buyers in their neighborhood, they realized that existing platforms aren’t good enough.

Classified sites and aggressive advertising are a major turn off for potential buyers and leasers because a vendor often blocks the direct connection between them and the sales team. This creates an unhealthy cycle where people are continually browsing through inventory that is irrelevant, and dealers rely heavily on third-party leads that have a meager conversion rate.

Auto Dealer Locate creates a new way for these two groups to find each other. By allowing for a search that is both geographic and brand-specific, it gets rid of a lot of the guesswork that shoppers often experience. They can easily see which stores have their ideal vehicle, thereby cutting down their search time. At the same time, dealers listed in our directory receive greater exposure. Since we have zero forms on our site, we’ve cut out the need for a middleman vendor. All we do is streamline the process.


Who wouldn't want to make finding the perfect car easier?

Deciding to purchase or lease a car, be it new or used, is not a simple decision and it requires a lot of planning and research. There’s no reason why it should take the average American six months to a year to complete this process.


Shoppers know better than to fill out a form.

Part of the reason third-party leads have such low conversion rates is because consumers know that if they fill out a form, their information is going to get passed around. That’s why we’ve done away with that system and created a convenient way for shoppers to find your store quickly.


Your time is worth money and should be used efficiently.

Think about it. No one wants to hunt for the right auto by going from showroom to showroom. With the advent of the internet, it should have become a much simpler process. Today, though, the auto industry’s online marketing is a mess, making it far more complicated for regular folks to find what they need within their budget. Not anymore!


Are you a dealer looking for a way to increase first-generation leads?

Whether you’re a franchise or an independent store, getting good leads from the web is very difficult. That’s why so many dealerships rely on classified sites and other third-party vendors, but we know that there is another way. Listing your store in our directory is the initial step to increasing your ROI.